One Per Cent Have Over Half the World’s Wealth

Money money money
Money money money

Half the world’s wealth is now held by 1% of the population and the Middle Class have continued to be squeezed. Being worth just over £2000 puts you into the top half of world citizens.

Faster By Pigeon Post Than Broadband

photograph of a pigeon
Faster by pigeon post?

Did you ever think it might be easier to use pigeon post when trying to watch a film or even send an email? Now we know how the big players overcome download speed problems:

Need faster broadband? Try posting your data via Amazon’s big box it’s not quite pigeon post but it’s definitely snail mail!

photograph of a snail
snail mail getting there


Interesting News and Stupidity!

Space satellite
Space satellite

1. Satellite Eye on Earth: August 2015 Interesting pictures and accompanying stories, seems they do this monthly. Watch the flow of sea currents between the islands of the Bahamas from space, algal blooms in the Great Lakes in Canada, and three simultaneous hurricanes crossing the Pacific.

2. As cobras and vipers spread their deadly venom, it’s getting harder to save lives. 200,000 people may be dying each year from snakebites around the world but this number could rise because the current stocks of anti venom expire soon and new anti venoms are not available. Yet many people could be saved by wearing boots, as the feet are where most bites occur.

3. Driver tries to scare off spider using lighter, sets gas station on fire And now for the stupid bit. A driver who was scared of spiders tried to get rid of one and set a petrol station on fire!