Foreign Billionaires Telling Voters How To Vote

Almost 80% of the UK press is owned by a few right-wing billionaires, most of whom don’t even live in the UK, and they are telling voters what to think and how to vote. Don’t believe it? Just read on, then read the original article from The London Economic to find out more.

Blind policy based voting results (whereby voters tick the policies they agree with, without knowing which party they were voting for overall) are always radically different to the actual vote result when it comes to general elections and other major political votes.

Had all votes been cast on policy pledges alone, studies suggest the Green Party and Liberal Democrats would have both had a turn at power by now.

What this means is that people generally have some sense when presented with policy pledges, yet vote in a completely opposite direction. Why? Because these chaps’ media outlets are bombarding your brain with high level right-wing propaganda:

Curated from The London Economic