EXXONMOBIL Knew About Climate Change in 1978

climate change flooding melting
climate change flooding melting

ExxonMobil has known about the reality of climate change for over 40 years. Their own research and papers show they knew. Yet they used their knowledge to buy land in places that would be ice free while using their own publicity machines to deny it all.

Probiotic Bacteria help with Anxiety and Memory

A study at University College Cork, Ireland has found that a daily dose of a certain probiotic bacteria may help people manage mild anxiety and difficulties with memory. The probiotic bacterium is called Bifidobacterium longum 1714 and those who were on the capsules for one month had lower stress hormone levels and did better on memory tests than when they took a placebo. This suggests there may really be a pill for that!


Tobacco Companies Forced Delays in Health Initatives


Think Legislation is Promoted By Politicians?

Business promotes legislation aggressively when it thinks it can get away with introducing health reforms. It appears that it can also “lie” and use its great financial force to block, obstruct and delay health measures. Read the full report at Guardian Business EU Tobacco Delay