Faster By Pigeon Post Than Broadband

photograph of a pigeon
Faster by pigeon post?

Did you ever think it might be easier to use pigeon post when trying to watch a film or even send an email? Now we know how the big players overcome download speed problems:

Need faster broadband? Try posting your data via Amazon’s big box it’s not quite pigeon post but it’s definitely snail mail!

photograph of a snail
snail mail getting there


A Political Viewpoint

UK politics
UK politics

Some interesting political stories you may wish to read.

  1. Hunt: tax credit cuts will make Britons work like Chinese or Americans

So he’s actually admitting he wants the working classes to have to work every hour there is, with little or no holidays. Even the Sun has criticised the cuts – though unfortunately the sheeple will probably have forgotten by 2020.

2. Revealed: how AstraZeneca avoids paying UK corporation tax An absolute scam.

3. Ministers ‘are hiding details of £2bn NHS cash crisis’ Hardly surprising – seems they’ve leaned on publishers.

4. Cybersecurity bill could ‘sweep away’ internet users’ privacy, agency warns

Noticed article as link in an article about Blackphone – made in Switzerland by PGP inventor and ex Navy Seal. Phone is supposed to be unhackable, as far as that’s possible, and calls to other mobiles are automatically dropped if eavesdropped.